38 F&B Event Questions to Get You Thinking from Landscapes Golf Management | Golf Business Weekly

Do you think you know how to properly sell and execute food-and-beverage for golf outings, tournaments, weddings, banquets and other special events?  Are your best practices really optimizing monetization?  Could they be enhanced?

In the name of internal teamwork, is the flow of information about event strategy and details streamlined to produce well-managed events?  Is staff working in a vacuum or is there consistent inter-departmental communication to execute flawless events which meet client and business objectives?  When, for example, based on historical data, are the best and worst times to schedule outings and tournaments?  Ever think about instituting surcharges?

Bottom line, are you selling profitable events?  Do you have separate packets for outings, meetings, weddings and other special occasions?  Are your packets “costed out?”  How often do your managers go “off script” when selling an event or is pricing automated based on algorithmic software?

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