A family affair in golf course management | Golf Course Magazine

Scott Dillinger and his son Jared have become staples in the industry, with a common denominator in Landscapes Golf Management.

Children following their parents into careers in golf course management isn’t rare. However, not many fathers and sons end up working for the same golf course management company.

Meet Scott and Jared Dillinger. Scott, the father, is the GCSAA Class A superintendent at Greeley (Colo.) Country Club. Jared is the superintendent at Three Crowns Golf Club in Casper, Wyo. Both facilities fall under the auspice of Landscapes Golf Management. But the Team Dillinger golf pipeline doesn’t stop there.

It all started in Moorcroft, Wyo., where Scott, now 61, grew up on a family ranch raising cattle, sheep and horses. His dad doubled as a landscaping foreman for the University of Wyoming in Laramie, where Scott rode a Cushman at night helping plug sprinklers.

It’s no surprise the outdoors agreed with Scott and working with nature would be the career path. He majored in plant science at University of Wyoming “with no idea about golf courses.”

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