Culture First

More than twenty years ago, I left my previous management company because I didn’t feel treated like the valuable contributor I was.

I had started my career in the golf industry knowing I wouldn’t be the most brilliant guy in the room nor a silver tongue communicator. But I also knew I would outwork the person next to me, be a good judge of character, and have the highest integrity. Throughout the beginning of my career with that other company, I developed a strong track record of success. Not to be egotistical, but I was confident that any company should be happy to have me on (or leading) their team.

I made a promise to myself on that day 20 years ago – that the treatment of my team would become the cornerstone of my leadership style. If I ever had my own management company to run, I would never let a Tom Everett leave because he didn’t feel valued or the company culture wasn’t positive.

Today I am fortunate to run a management company. From our humble beginnings in Nebraska, I’ve had the opportunity to watch our company grow into one of the largest in the world. It is truly my pleasure to lead a team of more than 1,000 individuals at more than 50 golf courses and private clubs. I could have never imagined leading courses in my hometown of Omaha and across oceans to China.

You don’t have to look any farther than our company logo to see that I’ve never wavered from that promise I made 20 years ago. Don’t get me wrong, focusing on a positive culture does not mean we are soft or unsophisticated; I have the utmost confidence that our systems, processes, resources, and technology make us one of the finest golf management companies in the world.

More importantly, we have some of the top professionals in the industry on our team. They’ve chosen us because of the powerful Landscapes brand, but they’ve stayed because of the positive and engaging environment within which they perform. Across all company levels, our objective is to recruit the best people we can find to deliver exceptional experiences. To that end, we lay out expectations, provide the training, support, and resources to be successful, offer positive and constructive feedback, and enjoy the ride along the way.

Landscapes Unlimited and Landscapes Golf Management share a set of company values. They are the ties that bind our management, construction, irrigation, and maintenance businesses together. We live by them daily; Do the right thing; Take care of each other; Find a way; Lead; and Be the Best!

These values comprise our company culture – the foundation of our company’s and client’s success. Culture, as we say, comes first.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Tom Everett