Landscapes Golf Management, Barstool Golf Time Form Landmark Partnership | First Call Golf

(LINCOLN, Neb.) – Landscapes Golf Management will utilize Barstool Golf Time as its online tee-time reservation partner for public golf courses in the company’s portfolio.

The landmark partnership provides Landscapes Golf Management-operated courses free access to millions of golfers in the Barstool Golf Time network.  Courses maintain unilateral control over tee-time pricing, data, and special promotions.  Integration with various tee-sheet providers is easy and at no cost to courses.

“In its most foundational sense, our business is to attract and retain golfers,” says Tom Everett, President of Landscapes Golf Management. “The brand and technology behind Barstool Golf Time facilitate such revenue generation, with price integrity, by exposing our courses to more golfers and making it as efficient as ever to book tee times.”

“Landscapes Golf Management is a premier operator of golf courses and country clubs across America,” says Jonathan Wride, CEO of Supreme Golf that powers Barstool Golf Time.  “We are excited to make an immediate impact delivering new golfers to frequently play its courses with no fuss, no muss.”


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