Lead the Way | Event Planning & Communication

Welcome to the “Lead the Way” video series brought to you by Landscapes Golf Management! We’re excited to introduce this dynamic series designed to provide insights and tips for optimizing event promotion and management at golf clubs and country clubs. Hosted by Jackson Abbot, Director of Marketing and Communication at RiverRun Country Club in Davidson, North Carolina, this series is a treasure trove of valuable information for anyone looking to enhance their event planning and member engagement strategies.

Mastering Event Promotion with the 30-60-90-Day Rule

In the latest episode, Jackson dives into the meticulous planning process employed at RiverRun Country Club to ensure successful event promotion. At the heart of this strategy is the 30-60-90 day rule—a timeline that guarantees members are well-informed and excited about upcoming events.

90 Days Out: Save the Date
Three months before an event, the key is to get the word out early. Members receive a save-the-date notice, ensuring they can mark their calendars and prioritize club events over other plans. This initial communication is delivered through social media and a quarterly newsletter, laying the groundwork for what’s to come.

60 Days Out: Details and Registration
At the two-month mark, details like pricing and timing are shared. This stage involves a strong call to action, encouraging members to register early and secure their spots. By providing all necessary information, members can plan their participation with confidence, leading to early and steady registrations.

30 Days Out: Final Details and Enticements
As the event date approaches, every detail is communicated clearly. Updates are shared on social media, the member website, and through direct rundowns. Highlighting enticing elements like the event menu can be a game-changer in filling those last few spots. Regular updates ensure no member misses out on the chance to join.


Watch the full episode here.