Lead The Way | Food & Beverage Ordering Process

In the latest “Lead the Way” video, Adam Brando, the Food and Beverage Operations Manager at Landscapes Golf Management (LGM), shares valuable insights on optimizing the food and beverage ordering process. Here are the key strategies he highlights:

1. Strategic Relationships with Sales Representative:
Traditionally, orders were placed through sales reps, but the advent of online ordering portals has simplified the process. Brando emphasizes the importance of transforming the role of sales reps from order-takers to strategic partners. They can provide critical insights from distributors and assist in developing new recipes and menus.

2. Maintaining Par Levels:
Each food and beverage item at your property should have a par level that corresponds to the season. This practice ensures that ordering is efficient and aligned with the property’s needs, minimizing waste and ensuring a steady supply of necessary items.

3. Consistency with Spec Lists:
Sticking to a consistent product specification is crucial. Frequently changing order guides mid-season can distract from the primary focus of working with your team and providing a great guest experience. Consistency helps in maintaining quality and streamlines the ordering process.

By adopting these strategies, LGM properties can enhance their operational efficiency, reduce time wastage, and ultimately provide a better experience for their guests. The shift towards online ordering, strategic use of sales reps, and maintaining par levels and consistent spec lists are pivotal in achieving these goals.