Lead The Way | Tips on Making Their Day

In the latest episode of Landscapes Golf Management’s “Lead the Way” series, Regional Operations Manager Joe Goellner shares valuable insights on enhancing member and guest experiences at Lexington Golf and Country Club. Providing exceptional service requires attention to detail and a personal touch that can transform ordinary interactions into memorable experiences. Here are the key takeaways from Joe’s expert advice:

Personalized Greetings at the Bag Drop

The first point of contact is crucial in setting the tone for a guest’s experience. Joe emphasizes the importance of personalized greetings, especially at the bag drop. Here are his suggestions:

  • Know the Guest: While staff may recognize members, guests often arrive unannounced. Make it a habit to ask guests for their names and who they are playing with.
  • Radio Ahead: Take the extra step to radio the Pro Shop with the guest’s name and a brief description. This allows the Pro Shop team to greet them by name, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere akin to how members are treated.

This small gesture can significantly enhance the guest’s first impression and make them feel valued and recognized.

Positive Interactions with Marshals

Once golfers are out on the course, the role of Marshals becomes vital in ensuring a smooth and enjoyable round. Joe offers the following advice for Marshals:

  • Introduce Yourself: Marshals should take the time to introduce themselves to each group, establishing a friendly and approachable presence.
  • Express Gratitude: Acknowledge and thank groups that are keeping up with the pace of play. This positive reinforcement encourages good habits and fosters a positive relationship.
  • Offer Assistance: Make it clear that you are there to serve them and assist in any way possible.

These positive interactions can make the few times you need to ask groups to pick up the pace much more effective and less contentious. Building rapport with golfers ensures they view Marshals as allies in enhancing their experience.

Implementing these strategies can elevate the level of service provided at any golf and country club. Personalized greetings, positive interactions on the course, and continuous relationship building are small actions that collectively make a significant impact. By focusing on these fine points of service, staff can exceed the expectations of members and guests, creating a more welcoming and enjoyable environment.