Lead The Way Video | Indoor Golf

In this edition, we delve into the challenges faced by golf facilities during the offseason and the innovative solution of incorporating indoor golf. Join us as we explore how this forward-thinking approach transcends traditional boundaries and revolutionizes golf management.

The Offseason Challenge:
The non-golf winter months pose a significant challenge for the golf industry, leading to a decline in overall net income for facilities. Operators grapple with mounting losses that impact the financial health of their establishments. Recognizing this as a pressing issue, we sought a solution that would retain golfers even during the offseason.

Indoor Golf: A Game-Changing Solution:
The driving force behind our strategy was the incorporation of indoor golf into our arsenal of tools. Indoor golf provides a unique opportunity to engage golfers during the non-golf season, offering an innovative solution to a persistent problem.

Key Considerations for Indoor Golf Planning:
1. Evaluate Your Space: Maximizing the number of bays is crucial for success. Group and league play are the backbone of indoor golf, and having enough space for multiple simulators facilitates a shared experience, reminiscent of coveted in-season leagues.

2. Portability for Flexibility: Making bays easy to remove adds a layer of flexibility. This feature allows for hosting events such as holiday parties and birthdays, providing a lucrative business opportunity with a focus on weekends. It also enables a pivot to promoting open tee times indoors when banquet schedules are light.

3. Strategic Partnerships: Recognizing that the technology for indoor golf can be expensive and a barrier to entry, we advocate for strategic partnerships. Seek partners willing to provide necessary equipment on a revenue-sharing basis, especially when capital funds are limited.