Lead The Way Video Series | Chris Lewis, Director of Agronomy


In a recent video series by Landscapes Golf Management, Chris Lewis, the Director of Agronomy, shared invaluable insights into the art of effective spending and budgeting for chemicals among golf course superintendents. Lewis outlined three crucial tips that play a pivotal role in ensuring not only financial prudence but also optimal course maintenance.

1. Strategic Planning:
Lewis underscores the significance of meticulous planning. Superintendents are urged to go beyond merely ordering chemicals as needed and instead develop a comprehensive plan that spans the entire year. This entails using the right chemicals at the right times, ensuring the course receives the care it requires throughout the seasons.

2. Early Order Programs:
A key takeaway from the discussion is the endorsement of early order programs. Lewis highlights the cost-efficiency and added benefits of these programs, which empower superintendents to save costs and even incorporate additional chemicals into their inventory. The favorable price points during these programs make it an opportune time for course managers to enhance their chemical arsenal.

3. Flexibility in Approach:
Nature is unpredictable, and Lewis emphasizes the need for superintendents to be adaptable. Recognizing that unexpected challenges will arise, he advises being flexible and adjusting plans accordingly. This adaptive approach ensures that the maintenance strategy remains effective, regardless of the curveballs thrown by Mother Nature.

Adherence to these three key principles—strategic planning, participation in early order programs, and flexibility—can empower golf course superintendents to master the art of chemical budgeting. By following these guidelines, superintendents can keep their chemical spending in check while ensuring the course remains in top-notch condition. Here’s to effective course management and successful budgeting!