Lead The Way Video Series | HR Mistakes To Avoid

Welcome to the “Lead the Way with Landscapes Golf Management” video series, where we dive into crucial aspects of golf and HR management. In this episode, we uncover top HR mistakes affecting golf and course management:

1. Strategic Hiring for Golf and Course Management:
– Learn the impact of poor hiring on your golf club, affecting team dynamics, reputation, and overall culture.
– Discover strategies to optimize retention practices, preventing the high cost of employee turnover, estimated at up to two times the annual salary.

2. Proper Employee Classification for Golf Industry:
– Explore the common misclassification pitfalls, such as labeling team members as independent contractors.
– Understand the importance of correctly classifying employees as exempt or non-exempt to avoid costly wage claims in the golf management industry.

3. Effective Job Descriptions in Golf Course Management:
– Uncover the significance of comprehensive job descriptions in golf and course management.
– Ensure your team understands their roles, and discover how accurate job descriptions streamline the hiring and counseling processes.