Lead The Way Video Series | Making Golf Fun For Everyone

At Landscapes Golf Management, we’re dedicated to making golf a fun and engaging sport for everyone, regardless of age, skill level, or background. Our recent video series, “Lead the Way,” hosted by Cat Clark, our Assistant General Manager and Director of Sales and Marketing at Sioux Falls Golf, dives deep into our initiatives designed to elevate the golfing experience for all our members and guests.

Starting with our younger enthusiasts, we understand the importance of introducing juniors to golf in a way that’s enjoyable and memorable. We’ve implemented a first-class Junior Tour that mimics professional play but ensures every participant leaves with a prize, fostering a sense of achievement and enthusiasm. Our PGA Junior League team further encourages young golfers by promoting teamwork and offering them opportunities to practice and compete on various courses. Our adult-junior events, including the Big Cup and alternate shot formats, allow families to bond over the game, making golf a shared passion.

Recognizing the growing interest among women in golf, we’ve created tailored programs to meet their needs. Our leagues cater to both competitive players and those seeking a more social atmosphere, such as our whimsically named “We Suck League” which has attracted over 200 ladies. By offering lesson packages from professionals, we ensure women learn the game effectively, steering clear of the well-meaning but often misguided advice from their partners. Couples’ competitions and themed nights further enrich the community spirit at our club.

The essence of our approach at Landscapes Golf Management is to remember that we’re in the business of selling fun. By celebrating every success, offering tips and tricks to improve our golfers’ games, and ensuring each visit is better than the last, we aim to create lifelong golf enthusiasts. We’re committed to the belief that if we can make golf fun for everyone, we’ll not only retain our customers but also enrich their lives with the joys and benefits of the game.