Lead The Way Video Series | Menu Development Tips

Welcome to “Lead the Way” with Landscapes Golf Management! In this video, Adam Brandow, our Food and Beverage Operations Manager, unveils four essential menu development insights that elevate dining experiences across our properties nationwide.

Simplicity is Key:
Adam stresses that a bigger menu doesn’t always mean a better one. Sometimes, simplicity is exactly what your property needs. Streamlining your offerings ensures a focused and memorable dining experience for your members and guests.

Consider the Big Picture:
Menu planning involves more than just dishes. Adam highlights the importance of thinking about the bigger picture, considering heavy prep and labor demands that can burden menu execution. Balancing creativity with operational feasibility is key.

Training as a Continuous Journey:
For culinary success, training is not a one-time event but a daily commitment. Adam emphasizes the need to incorporate daily training activities with your team. Continuous learning ensures consistent quality in food preparation and service.