Lead The Way Video Series | Successfully Hosting Golf Events

In a recent entry to the “Lead the Way” video series by Landscapes Golf Management, Todd Anderson, General Manager at Pacific Springs Golf Club in Omaha, Nebraska, shares insights on orchestrating successful in-house course events, specifically highlighting the club’s approach to food, prizes, and promotions. Emphasizing the importance of offering quality, tasty, and abundant food at events such as 4th of July, Memorial Day, and Labor Day celebrations, Anderson underlines the goal of leaving guests impressed by the culinary offerings at a golf course, enhancing their overall experience and support for Pacific Springs Golf Club.

Additionally, Anderson points out the practice of awarding valuable flag prizes, suggesting that rather than a mere sleeve of balls, providing a dozen premium golf balls can significantly add to the perceived value of the event. Another key strategy mentioned is offering every participant one free drink ticket, which not only serves as a gesture of hospitality but also as a strategic move to increase sales, given the high markup on beverages. This approach not only fosters a positive event atmosphere but also boosts the club’s revenue potential.

These strategies, as shared in the video, highlight Pacific Springs Golf Club’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction during in-house events, serving as valuable takeaways for other facilities looking to enhance their event offerings.