Lead The Way Video Series | The Sales Process Breakdown

In a recent installment of the “Lead the Way” video series by Landscapes Golf Management (LGM), Mark Mattingly, Executive Vice President at LGM, delves into the art of sales within the golf management industry. Mattingly emphasizes the importance of understanding that while people enjoy purchasing, they seldom appreciate being overtly sold to. The key to successful sales, he suggests, lies in the initial conversation with potential clients. This involves actively listening to their goals, asking leading questions, and providing thoughtful follow-up to broaden their vision beyond initial expectations.

Mattingly advises taking detailed notes during these discussions to accurately capture the client’s aspirations, which then allows for the opportunity to introduce LGM’s unique selling propositions. This is the moment to highlight what LGM offers that competitors do not. As conversations wrap up, he stresses the necessity of asking for the sale—whether that leads to scheduling a follow-up, offering a tour of the facilities, connecting them with references, or sending a contract.

Follow-up is crucial and should be timely and tailored to the individual’s interests, pushing the conversation towards a decision. Mattingly also reassures that a “no” isn’t always definitive; often, it simply means “not now.” Persistent and relevant follow-up can keep the door open for future opportunities. This advice underscores LGM’s approach to sales as a thoughtful, client-centered process, aiming not just to sell but to build lasting relationships and meet clients’ needs innovatively and effectively.