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With more than 60 golf courses, country clubs and resorts in its portfolio, Landscapes Golf Management is one of the foremost operators across America.

One of the company’s competitive advantages is how it develops golfers – be they novices, intermediates or elites – into becoming the best versions of themselves.

A Landscapes Golf Management mantra is “most successful golfers are those who show courage and admit they can’t improve their games alone.”

As such, we asked Matt Jones, Director of Instruction at Landscapes Golf Management-operated Bull Valley Golf Club in Woodstock, Ill. about his approach to teaching and learning golf’s tools of the trade during the off-season.

Take it away, Matt:

For many, this time of year includes some level of self-reflection on how his or her game progressed. There’s also contemplation about how to improve during the off-season. Advice on how to make training time more productive.

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