Sales & Marketing

We've honed our training, systems and support to drive consistent results.

Whether sales and marketing are art or science has been discussed for ages. Graphic design is most certainly an art form, as is copywriting. So is the skill of managing the juggling act that is sales – especially at a golf course or a private club.

But behind every quota-busting salesperson and every successful communication campaign is a healthy dose of science. Some consider the scientific side of sales and marketing to be a bore. Not everyone likes training, systems, processes, and analytics, but it is the foundation for all the later creative efforts.

This has become increasingly true in the last decade as companies like ours have adopted more technology platforms that generate rich data. The systems and processes we deploy help our team become more efficient and organized. They also create a treasure trove of business data which we organize and analyze through our automated business intelligence tools.

Our approach to sales & marketing is straightforward:

  1. Install our foundation of proven systems and processes
  2. Hire great, creative people and train them well
  3. Provide constant support
  4. Embrace continuous improvement

Learn more about our approach to sales here, and marketing here.

In 2021, we partnered with River Run Country Club and helped their sales & marketing team transition into our system. Here are a few comments from the team to illustrate their feelings on the transition:

Scot did an amazing job settling me into the new role during the management transition and provided me with the necessary tools for success.

  • Scot and Murphy continually send me material from other clubs, which helps in brainstorming and idea-making.
  • The monthly best-practice calls are valuable and full of great info!
  • The whole team at landscapes is always available for moral support, and you can really tell they have your back
  • Landscapes makes it feel like we can achieve any event

Jackson Michael, Communications Director

One of the greatest attributes Landscapes has introduced to River Run is the consistency in leadership and expectations. The culture is focused on team and working together to achieve our goals. I have received extensive training on our systems and have continual support from the Sales and Marketing team.

DeAnne Frazier, Private Events Director

The Sales and Marketing team, Scot Wellman and Murphy Sears, have been instrumental in Membership sales success this past year. I easily transitioned into Membership Sales with their support and knowledge. The monthly best practice webinars and online reference library are two of my favorite ways to stay current with club membership trends.

LGM provides access and instruction to an excellent CRM for managing membership pipelines. It keeps me organized, and managing daily tasks and inquiries is a breeze. However, their constant support with questions and assistance with implementing new ideas means the most. They are always available and encourage success in every way.

I must also mention, having the opportunity to meet and communicate with other members of the executive Landscapes team demonstrates their dedication to the success of every employee in the Landscapes family.

Mary Schmidlin, Membership Director