Safety First

Our commitment to a culture of safety for our team & clients.

The Landscapes Unlimited family of companies has worked hard to develop a safety culture since our first job in 1976. Today, we are proud to realize a culture where our personnel’s safety is a core value. Our entire organization is looking out for one another’s well-being.

Safety leadership starts at the company leadership level. It then permeates throughout the organization. Employees at every level contribute to the program. We offer ongoing resources, comprehensive training, and support. Employees are empowered with the knowledge and skills to assist their team members. This is the foundation of culture.

This organizational partnership has enabled Landscapes Unlimited to consistently lead the industry in providing safe and compliant project development and course management. Communication flows in all directions, allowing the employees to steer the safety program in a way that becomes second nature. Continual reinforcement, recognition, and accountability all play a part in keeping the safety culture vibrant. We continuously highlight the benefits of a safe workplace. Our proactive approach ensures that complacency is never allowed.

We are proud of our personnel at every level. Each team member has taken ownership of their role in our safety culture, from executives to interns. Everyone participates in the development and dissemination of our safety materials and ideas.

This proven philosophy – that safety is paramount – has allowed our safety culture and our entire business to flourish.

With such high esteem placed on safety and a common thread within the fabric of all we do, the company enjoys a culture that has become ubiquitous.