Sales & Marketing Technology

Our tech enables training, optimization, and revenue growth.

At Landscapes Golf Management, we have constructed a technology stack that seamlessly aligns sales and marketing to produce efficient results. We know that an efficient sales process, supported by solid marketing communication, is a crucial driver of success.  

Our sales & marketing tech stack revolves around our custom-built CRM system, which every course salesperson utilizes. It has custom pipelines and processes for event, membership, and outing sales that guide the salesperson and client through every step.

At the top of the funnel, we have custom integrations to automatically create lead cards from marketing channels like websites, Facebook & Google Ads. 

In the middle of the funnel, our salespeople work directly with our clients and prospects, supported by email integrations and automation.

At the bottom of the funnel, we integrate the CRM with our contracting, proposal, and event management software to seamlessly move from sales to execution.

Our technology stack enables us to install a proven, repeatable, and trainable growth strategy at every facility. It also generates data at every step of the customer journey – from the initial ad activation or website request to the completion of the sale. This data is critical.

We aggregate and normalize our sales and marketing data in our business intelligence dashboards. Everyone from department heads to senior executives uses these dashboards daily to understand their business metrics and performance, identify opportunities, and predict challenges.

Here are some YTD Sales Metrics you might find interesting.

Marketing is doing an excellent job of creating impressions:

  • Web traffic is trending 27% higher than last year.  
  • Facebook Post engagements are trending 32% higher than last year.
  • Google Ads impressions are up 11% over last year.

These top-of-funnel metrics, combined with engaging websites and marketing material, have generated 48% more inbound leads than last year.  

This increased volume of leads is showing up in bookings. We are forecast to eclipse 2021 event revenues by 20%. On the other hand, memberships are down, primarily due to capacity issues.

Granted, these are all high-level metrics, but they illustrate a sales & marketing process that delivers results. We are consistently creating brand impressions via digital marketing. We engage this traffic with quality marketing assets. These materials and automation tracks help convert them to inbound leads. Our salespeople then take over and work them through our proven sales process. 

Our process isn’t rocket science, but it does require commitment and a lot of training and technology. We know the investment is worth it because we have the data to back it up.