Trend in The Industry | Mike Williams, Vice President – Operations

At Landscapes Golf Management, we regularly watch trends in the industry and look for ways to capitalize on those for our clients and the clubs we operate. Here are some of the trends in golf technology that we are currently following:

  1. Data and Analytics: Golf courses are increasingly using data and analytics to optimize operations and enhance the overall golfing experience. This includes tracking player behavior, analyzing course usage patterns, monitoring equipment performance, and making data-driven decisions to improve maintenance and resource allocation. LGM has built a stack of cloud-based technology solutions and business intelligence tools that are fully integrated, from point-of-sale to customer relationship management (CRM) to accounting and more, and the associated data analysis continues to lead to more efficient operations and improved customer experiences.
  2. GPS and Course Mapping: Global Positioning System (GPS) technology has become commonplace in golf, enabling players to accurately measure distances and navigate the course. Additionally, advanced course mapping technologies provide detailed layouts, aerial views, and hazard information to assist golfers during their rounds.
  3. Mobile Apps and Online Booking: Golf courses are adopting mobile applications that allow golfers to book tee times, manage reservations, and receive updates about course conditions and events. These apps often offer additional features like score tracking, social networking, and direct communication with the clubhouse. Once the exception, this technology is now the expectation.
  4. Automated Course Maintenance: Robotics and automation are making inroads in golf course maintenance. Autonomous mowers, robotic ball retrievers, and automatic irrigation systems help streamline maintenance tasks, reduce labor costs, and enhance the overall course conditions. LGM has been on the leading edge with testing robotic technology in driving range operations and course maintenance.
  5. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR): VR and AR technologies are being used to enhance the training and entertainment aspects of golf. Virtual reality simulators provide realistic virtual courses for practice and immersive gaming experiences. Augmented reality apps overlay digital information on the real-world golf course, offering interactive shot tracking, swing analysis, and virtual caddie features.
  6. Environmental Sustainability: Golf courses are increasingly adopting sustainable practices to minimize their environmental impact. This includes water conservation measures, using eco-friendly turfgrass varieties, implementing energy-efficient systems, and adopting organic and low-chemical maintenance practices. Because our sister company, Landscapes Unlimited, is considered the premier golf construction and irrigation company in the hemisphere, LGM partners have benefited from our advanced understanding of emerging environmental practices.

By embracing advancements in technology and playing a key role in the development and testing it, Landscapes Golf Management continues to be the recognized expert in golf course management solutions.